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Team Arborology

Ronnie Simpson: Certified Arborist, CTSP, Tree Risk Assessment Qualified ASTI Instructor

Ronnie Simpson

Ronnie started his career in tree care over 25 years ago. He has been a Certified Arborist since 2001. He moved to Florida in 2005. He has worked his way through the ranks in the industry from starting out working the ground to holding the position of Vice President for some nationally recognized companies. Ronnie has a passion for trees and the people that care for them. In 2017 he decided to become a Tree Care Safety Professional and instructor for the Arborist Safety Training Institute. He did this because of a lack of safety in the industry. He now spends much of his time teaching safety to tree care, landscape and municipal employees throughout the southeast United States. He has grown tired of watching poor quality tree work be performed. So he built Arborology Inc to empower tree owners and managers with a tree service that can meet their needs.

Mike Guido: Certified Arborist, FL Certified pest Operator, FNGLA Certified Horticulturist

Mike Guido

Mike has been in the landscape industry since 1991. Mike has worked for service providers managing multiple branches at one time, directing as many as 60 employees. Overseeing a territory stretching from Vero Beach down to Homestead, Mike has also worked for green industry suppliers Lesco (now Site One) and the Howard Corporation, identifying deficiencies and issues in all facets of the landscape (turf, shrub and tree) as well as formulating remediation, rejuvenation programs to correct issues diagnosed. Mike has been an ISA certified Arborist since 2007, a Florida Certified Pest Operator since 2006, a FNGLA Certified Horticulturist since 2006, a GI-BMP certified instructor since 2014. In his spare time Mike enjoys spending time with his wife Laura, young son, Mikey and Great Dane, Sonny. Mike also enjoys being outdoors, fishing and hunting.

Tank O' Pottomus

Tank O' Pottomus

Tank has been a key team member at Arborology for the last 10 years and is the backbone of our security team. He is certified in Milk Bone, Cat Food and treat removal and disposal. Tank is a native of SWFL and is proud to say he's a born and raised Floridian. Tanks favorite wood is Live Oak. Tank is a workaholic by nature, In fact he stays so busy he has several beds at the Arborology Inc world headquarters here in Cape Coral. If Tanks not at the beach or brown nosing the boss you can find him flopped on his bed chasing cats in his dreams. As he says "Guys I wasn't dreaming about kitties I was dreaming about trees".