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We Really Care About Trees


If you work in the tree or landscape industry and you work with trees you are an arborist. You also should understand the importance of safety and the risk you and your workforce face everyday. Safety adds value to your business in the eyes of your employees and your clients. When a company values safety as much as they do quality, integrity and profits. The benefits of a well trained team will naturally show up in all three. We are Arborist Safety Training Institute approved instructors and can help get your safety program where it needs to be. Below are some of our core training modules. We custom tailor training to your teams needs and can perform training at your location or in the field in some cases. We can provide continuing education units (CEU's) and all of our training is OSHA compliant.

Chainsaw Training

Basic chainsaw instruction covering proper starting, handling, use, care and safety. We focus on the do's and don'ts required under ANSI Z133 safety standards.

Chipper Safety

With chippers being one of the most violent machines in the tree industry safe use and proper maintenance are paramount. We make sure your team knows everything they need to know to work safely around chippers.

Aerial Rescue

Is your team ready for an accident involving a climber or aerial lift operator? If something happens on a job what's your companies plan? We can train your crews to be ready for accident and react fast.

Aerial Lift and Compact Aerial Lift

Aerial lifts have been around for years and compact lifts are taking over the industry fast. We can teach your employees everything they are required to know to avoid an accident while using a lift on a job-site.

Electrical Hazard Awareness

It's almost impossible to find a job-site where electrical lines are not present. ANSI requires that we consider all lines electrified. This includes cable, phone and electrical lines of any type. With power being one of the most dangerous hazards we can face in tree work its important to understand the risk.

Tree Climbing

So your climber has been climbing for 20 years or maybe they are new to the business? We can teach them the latest climbing techniques and how to leverage the newest gear to maximize production through efficiency.