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We Really Care About Trees

Plant Health Care

Evaluation and Diagnosis

Evaluations & Diagnosis of tree and palm health issues.

Tree disease diagnosis begins with a comprehensive inspection of your trees by one of our ISA Certified Arborists. During the inspection, the Arborist will be able to determine the overall health of your trees and recommend appropriate treatments which can improve the health and vigor of your trees.


Plant Health Care Program

Plant health care for trees and shrubs

A Plant Health Care (PHC) Program is customized to fit your trees needs and your goals. After an in depth evaluation and diagnosis of your trees, a custom program is created by our Certified Arborist. Your program will focus on treating existing conditions, as well as preventative care. Early detection of tree pests and diseases is key to maintaining their beauty and health. 

Palm Fertilization

Palm tree fertilization

Palm malnutrition is one of the more common issues with palms in Florida due to most are not native. Plant Health Care is a vital to healthy palms. Palm malnutrition can include Magnesium deficiency which can be identified by premature yellowing of the fronds, Potassium deficiency which can be identified by yellow spotting of leaflets and necrotic leaflet tips, and Boron deficiency. We use a direct inject method to ensure 100% of the product is taken in by the palm.